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Vicki Charles song of Symbols -flow.JPG

2023 Finalist for the "Richard Nelson Award" Wellington NZ
2023 Finalist for Cleveland National Art Awards
Dunedin NZ
2023 Finalist for 9th Annual Hibiscus and Bay      

Art Award Auckland NZ
2023 Finalist for Franklin Arts Prize NZ

Vicki Charles is a ceramic sculptor who is originally from Melbourne, Australia has become a New Zealand citizen and works from her beautiful home in The Wood, Nelson, New Zealand - which includes a fully equipped studio. Vicki sells her work through galleries, nationally and internationally-Australia.

To enquire about purchases or arrange studio visits please call 

020 4117 8511 or email

Vicki studied art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  and also under the tutorlage of Klaus Dusselberg for many years who shaped her love for the human figure working in clay. For Vicki, sculpting is about connecting our modern human experience with the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the mythological stories of our ancestors.


With each moulding of the clay, Vicki explores powerful themes that are both deeply personal and profoundly universal; of ancient mythology, Goddesses (Divine Feminine) and symbols that weave together stories that help us to navigate this changing earth and existence.

The symbols which are scratched into the clay is Cuneiform which is one of the oldest forms of writing known.

Each symbol is a word that is a representation of the story to Vicki's sculpture

“Through my art I explore seeds of truth that are common between timeless civilizations seemingly spread far and wide across time and space."

Vicki is also a skilled tutor and loves sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. She enjoys watching them learn technical skills and then seeing their creativity come to life in something formed by their own hands. 

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